How to Crack NEET PG ENT? 

NEET PG ENT – Cracking Tips

NEET PG ENT is eligibility-cum-ranking examination prescribed as the single entrance examination to various MD/MS and PG Diploma Courses. It is a single window entrance examination for PG courses. No other entrance examination, either at state or institution level, shall be valid for entry to MD/MS/PG Diploma Courses.

Preparation Tips for NEET PG ENT Exam:

Since NEET PG is a National exam there will be high competition. In such situation there should be an effective study schedule and strategy that focuses on candidate’s weaker area so that they can crack the exam very easily.


In NEET PG exam ENT is one of the most important medical subjects, it is utterly challenging and needs a lot of effort for  re-collection and remembering the subject. Preparing for an exam requires proper studying that means the subject wise study is always important. A few important tips and tricks below from this article guides you to crack NEET PG ENT 2018.

 Practice with Daily MCQs

Specially made MCQs are needed for preparing the ENT exam and these MCQ’s will help you in better understanding the concept. For practicing MCQs, visit: download the app for FREE.

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 Concentrate On Image Based MCQs

As we all understand the image better than the content. An image will give you a sharp idea as you easily understand the entire concept. SAMS PG providing the image based MCQ’s for better understanding of the concept. So the practice of image-based MCQs of ENT will add an option to crack the NEET PG 2018 exam.

 TIPS to Crack NEET PG ENT: 

  • Candidates should know the syllabus of the exam by heart and ensure they cover all the subjects and topics of importance thoroughly.
  • Understand the NEET PG Exam pattern otherwise you might go directionless and may waste your valuable time.
  • Consider the good books and materials for your preparation. Referring to the standardized materials help students to get thorough knowledge on the subject.
  • You should keep in mind that how much time you are left with to prepare for the exam.
  • Prepare short notes on the important topics and prepare them at the end of preparations.
  • Students should allocate their time for revision of topics they have completed already.
  • Avoid starting new topics 2-3 days before the exam.



Starting from basics go with the anatomy of the middle ear which is particularly very important. Questions are asked about the relations of the middle ear also.

You will be given an anatomical image of walls of middle ear cavity and you will be asked to label which the following structures are given so prepare in that way and prepare the visual aspect of the image of it.

Apart from the anatomy of ear, you need to know about the nerve supply and blood supply of ear. It is also important to know the image of them clearly. Focus on understanding the which portion they are referring to just not by memorizing drivers

Coming to the physiology part of Ent the tests of ear are very important and just don’t memorize by words learn it by relating it to the clinical scenario as if you want to treat the patient. Tests of hearing are very important which includes the test of tympanometry. You may be asked about the medical management of photosynthesis not even the surgical management. You will be asked about the interpretation of graphs. Management of complications play a vital role.


Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, index to ranger carcinoma plays a major role. Apart from this JNA is important. You need to know the medical and surgical management of JNA (Juvenile angiofibroma). Questions are asked upon the trans mellitus approach and X-Ray techniques like embolization. You need to know the difference between ethmoid sinuses and middle meatus of nasal polyps.


For throat there are two important topics – winter carcinoma and vocal cord policy. You can expect personal management and cramming question types for vocal cord policy. You must be capable of identifying which nerve is affected either lateral or bi-lateral part. You have to practice these topics in a clinical based approach.

For surgical procedure I would suggest is you should read about method anatomy, tonsillectomy. Lasers in ENT is very important topic.

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