Cracking Tips for NEET PG BIOCHEMISTRY Exam:

  • Candidates should know the syllabus of the NEET PG BIOCHEMISTRY exam and ensure they cover all the subjects and topics of importance thoroughly about BIOCHEMISTRY subject
  • Understand the NEET PG Exam BIOCHEMISTRY pattern otherwise may waste your valuable time.
  • Consider the great authors books and materials for your NEET PG BIOCHEMISTRY preparation. Referring to the standardized materials help students to get thorough knowledge on subject.
  • Keep in mind about time you are left with to prepare for exam.
  • Collect important topics of NEET PG BIOCHEMISTRY and prepare short notes them at the end of preparations.
  • Allocate their time for revision of subject
  • Avoid starting new topics of NEET PG BIOCHEMISTRY 2-3 days before the exam.

Neet PG 2018 Biochemistry Cracking Tips

Surveys says, Many number of students are appearing for NEET PG exam every year. Cracking the NEET PG exam is not that easy because of the competition in the modern world. If you want to clear the exam you have to compete with many students and here in this article, you will find the cracking tips for NEET PG 2018 Biochemistry . Of course, you have to work hard, other than working hard you have to come up with a decisive plan and strategy which makes you smarter and helps in achieving your goals.

Here are a few easy tips to crack NEET PG 2018 Biochemistry.

  1. Set An Emphatic Study Plan

Time plays a decisive part if you want to prepare for any sort of exam, yet many candidates fail to use the time accordingly and in the crucial stage, they may fall into a trap. If you are ready with a proper study plan it may help you to track the syllabus that you need to cover before the exam and if you are lacking observation in any particular subject it helps you to spend more on that subject. Generally, students feel stressed when the exam is near. If you have a sensible study plan it enhances the learning process and makes you stress-free.By utilizing the time properly and having emphatic study plan is necessary if a candidate wants to crack NEET PG.

  1. Set Goals Higher

The main aim for setting the goals is to bring the positiveness in the lives of the candidates. After setting the goal you have to be genuine and realistic. You have to ask yourself that how much effort you are inserting to reach the goal. When you are slightly diverting from studies you have to remember the goal you set and push yourself towards it.

  1. Creating Proper Study Environment

The crucial part is creating proper study environment. For creating this you need to find a quiet place for study. There is no rule when it comes to best time for study and how many hours you should study. Everybody have a unique and different capacity. If you love to study in the morning then wake up early and study maximum hours. If you are a night person then study late night. Choose the best which brings the maximum output.

  1. Utilize New Technologies

Many candidates prepare with the help of textbooks, question banks, study materials and these are not the only resources for gaining the knowledge. Of course, every method has its unique way of learning. In the modern world, there are countless options to study like embracing and utilizing of new technologies which mean studying from mobile apps, online tools, blogs, social media and by watching you can gain practical knowledge.

Utilizing the new modern technologies can also help you to crack the exam.

  1. Test Yourself Repeatedly

The great way to test yourself is by online mock tests.In the Initial stages don’t worry about the results and make sure you improve day by day. Testing yourself often takes away the pressure and stress from you. So that you can mentally prepare for the final battle with ease.

  1. Having Study Partners Is Necessary

Having study partners while preparing may save time. If you are stuck in any topic and you are not able to move further. Having a study partner and discussing the topic can clear your doubts. Another important thing is to make sure that your study partner is as much interested in studies as you are so that you can explore more while discussing.

  1. Positivity Is Essential

If you have a positive attitude preparing for exams, it can increase your confidence to perform well in the exams. If you have a negative access towards approaching the exams like keep on saying that you can’t do it. Then it only makes things difficult for you. Your attitude should be positive and use your individual strengths to achieve that. To crack the NEET PG exam positivity is essential.

  1. Take Study Breaks Quite Often

No one can maintain a peak concentration without taking a break. As we are all humans we need some rest to get back to work regularly. Make sure that the break is not given higher priority than studies. Taking a break is like a few minutes walk, taking a nap, chatting with a friend. Taking study breaks quite often can help you to improve focus  and increases your capacity.

  1. Cover all Important Concept for Biochemistry of NEET PG:


  1. Defciency of hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase(von Gierke Disease) produces a profound fasting hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis, and hepatomegaly
  2. Deficiency of branched chain a keto acid dehydrogenase causes Maple syrupurine disease
  3. Lovastatin mechanism of action-Inhibiting the enzyme Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase.
  1. Practice with Daily MCQs :

Customized MCQs are needed for practicing and will help you in better understanding of the concept. For practicing MCQs, visit and Download app for FREE

  1. Concentrate more on Image Based MCQs of Biochemistry:

Image helps you to understand better than the content. Yes, image will give you brief idea and get you entire concept. So practice of Image MCQs of Biochemistry will add an option to crack NEET PG 2018 much easy.

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