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Cracking Tips for NEET PG Anesthesia is discussed in this below article and it is very important to share the cracking tips on NEET PG Anesthesia because most of the medical pg aspirants are finding difficulty in solving neet pg anesthesia question.

So, you don’t need to worry as you are here on the right platform where you can get some cracking tips for neet pg Anesthesia exam which helps you to crack neet pg Anesthesia exam with easier than before.

What Expert’s Says About NEET PG Anesthesia?

According to proficient experts the easy and short subjects are usually high scoring and can conclude whether you get chosen seat or not. Anesthesia is one of the easiest and most scoring subjects, NEET PG candidates cannot afford to lose marks as it adversely impact the candidate’s ranking.


  1. Miscellaneous
  2. History 2. PIN Index
  3. Preoperative Assessment
  4. Anesthesia Instruments and Machine Apparatus
  5. IV Anesthetic Agents and Volatile Anesthetic Agents
  6. Thiopentone Propofol
  7. TIVA                       4. Droperidol
  8. Benzodiazepine 6. Ketamine
  9. Etomidate 8. Stages of Anesthesia
  10. Halothane 10. Ether
  11. Enflurane, Desflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
  12. Nitrous oxide 13. Xenon
  13. Muscle Relaxant

       1.SCH           2. Curane

  1. Gallamine 4.Gantacurium
  2. Dantrolene 6. Centrally Acting Muscle Relaxant


  1. Local Anesthetics

1.MOA          2. Cocaine

  1. Lignocaine 4. Bupivacaine
  2. Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia
  3. Monitoring in Anesthesia
  4. ECG 2. Pulse Oximetry
  5. Bispectral Index 4.Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

5.Temperature Monitoring

Here Are Few Tips And Tricks To Crack NEET PG Anesthesia :

tips and tricks for cracking neet pg Anesthesia

Practicing online mock tests – As Much as You Can:

By practicing online mock tests you can test yourself. It helps you to know the exam pattern. Attempting the online mock tests frequently is very important as it often takes away the pressure and stress. This is one of the important tips for cracking the Anesthesia NEET PG exam.

Revision is Must – Practice Makes Perfection:

For any sort of exam, revision is must and should. The candidate should revise each and every single topic before attempting the exam. Anesthesia is a easier subject to crack, so you cannot afford to lose marks. Revision is one of the important tricks to crack the Anesthesia NEET PG exam.

Time Management Skills are added Plus Points for Cracking NEET PG Anaesthesia Exam:

Time management plays a key role in any sort of exam. By utilizing the time properly and concentrating on subject it makes a massive difference in exam result. Time management plays a huge role to crack the NEET PG Anesthesia exam. Assigning the time for each topic based on the chapter wise study is crucial as it helps the candidate for the proper utilisation of time on a particular topic.

Practice with Daily MCQs

SAMS PG are providing specially made MCQs which are helpful for cracking the NEET PG exam as they make a massive difference better understanding the concept. For practicing MCQs, visit: samspg app download the app for FREE.

Concentrate on Image Based MCQs:

Concentrating on image based MCQs are important for cracking the NEET PG Anesthesia exam. As we all know image will give you a detailed idea as candidate can easily understand the brief concept. So the practice of image-based MCQs of Anesthesia will add an option to crack the NEET PG exam.

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