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What Dr. Rakesh Nair Says About SAMS?

Dr. Charita Excellent Strategy On NEET PG preparation

Doctor Charita talking about the preparation of NEET PG and tips to crack NEET PG Exams with SAMS Test Series. Get to know more by watching Video

How to Download and Use SAMS PG Ban’Q’

SAMS PG providing a free trial version of SAMS PG Ban’Q’ with lot of MCQs to practice. Here this video show how to download and use SAMS PG Ban’Q’, practicing daily MCQs of Medical PG and boosting up your confidence which is required for cracking PG medical entrance exam

How to Start NEET PG Preparation with SAMS PG Ban’Q’

Download SAMS PG App from the Google Play Store and start your NEET PG Medical preparation right now. SAMS PG App helps you in reaching your goal of cracking NEET PG easily

SAMS Providing National Wide Mega Grand Test Series for Medical PG Aspirants

SAMS PG Grand Mega Test Series includes 17 Subjects, 10 Grand Tests, 4 MBBS Year Wise Tests, 6 Special Test in 37 Total Tests and India Wide ranking will be given to know the current performace in medical PG preparation. Many Other features are got added in this grand mega test series for medical PG aspirants. Don’t miss the oppurtunities from SAMS

How MBBS Students Should Plan for Cracking PG Medical starting from 2nd Year?

It is really important to know how the MBBS Student should start their preparation of medical PG exam. SAMS PG explaining each and every students on planning how to plan your preparation for cracking NEET PG

Tips and Tricks for NEET PG 2018 from SAMS PG Topper NEET PG

SAMS PG Medical topper speaking about the preparation tips for cracking NEET PG exam and about how SAMS PG help him in cracking NEET PG Entrance Exam getting him desired college seat

Join SAMS Community for Daily Discussion of PG medical and Clinical topic

Don’t You think a discussion is required for daily PG medical coaching and clinical topics, many have joined and doctors are loving the community because of the informative post are shared, discussed and well explained by the experts in the group. If you are also looking for the same then join from the belowe link: https://t.me/SusrutaAcademy/

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